Discover Love

I wanted to share with you one of my favorite parts of my job.  I am a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, so I spend my days teaching women (and sometimes men) about skincare or cosmetic application.  I also help new business owners create successful full-time or part-time jobs.

While I started out with Mary Kay to earn a living, I quickly discovered that it is also a ministry.  You see, when I sit down with a woman, or group of women, for a consultation it is always a humbling experience.  They are stripping away the face that they show the outside world, and showing me their blank slate.  Every last one of them is strikingly beautiful in their own way.

Now, I’ve had so many men tell me that they don’t like women to wear a lot of make up.  That women who wear a lot seem to be fake.  That they don’t approve of that vanity.  Well, I am here to tell you that makeup was created to EMPOWER women.  So, when a woman washes her face in front of me, she is often making herself vulnerable and stripping away that item that makes her feel empowered.  It is humbling, and a privilege, in every way possible.  More often than not, it is at that moment that the woman I am meeting with (usually for the first time) lays down her life story at my feet.  She is trusting me not to judge her.  She is searching for validation.  She is saying that this is who she is and asking me to love her despite it all.

My job is not simply to teach women how to wash their face, or how to find that just right shade of lipstick.  My job is to EMPOWER and ENRICH women’s lives, through lifting up those life stories.  These women are strong, tenacious and determined to reach for more.  Through teaching them how to spend 10-20 minutes a day taking care of themselves, I can show them how much more they can get from life.  They learn to make themselves a priority.  They are given permission to show others that they are worth more.  More time, more appreciation, more respect, more encouragement.    We, as women, are usually the first ones to make others a priority.  Stop that.  Make yourself a priority.  Others will notice.

I LOVE spending my time lifting women up.  We were created to be amazing!!  We are strong and beautiful, love yourself!!  Mary Kay’s new branding is one of the best campaigns that i’ve seen that exemplifies the love that I have for this vocation.  “Discover What You Love” is all about empowering ourselves and each other.  This short video is only a sample of this amazing company, with a heart filled for loving women.

Go out, embrace today, live life to YOUR fullest!  Dream bigger, love more, be bold & confident!!