Hi, My name is Erin.

I like to talk, A LOT.  I’m a friend, daughter, sister, wife and soon to be mother.  I am also a Mary Kay Consultant, so I spend my days teaching women about skin care and cosmetic application, but it’s really so much more than that.  I also mentor my new team members to help them grow their own strong business.  My husband and I are Sunday School teachers, which is a constant growth process.  I’m a hobby artist.  I don’t think that I’m very good, but I do it anyways.  I’m extremely disorganized, and frequently late.  I’m on a constant journey to change both of these things.  I love to write letters and thank you notes.  I am a killa home chef, frequently creating fab meals out of almost nothing.  I miss the days of naïveté, and I miss being young enough to justify day time drinking.  Not even going to try to hide that one. 

I love fashion, but being preggo makes you re-learn how to dress yourself.  But colors, shapes, textiles, accessories, styling are like living, breathing artwork to me.  They create an image, an indication of one’s self.  I like people who give good handshakes and hugs as well as people who look you in the eye.  We are rescue parents to two incredible dogs.  

Tip of the iceberg, but important details none the less.

In this blog, expect musings on faith, family, business, food, fashion as our new little family starts a new leg of our journey into parenthood.


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